Here's what that all means to you:

  No software or upgrades to install
A browser and an Internet connection is all that you need. Unlike other business solutions, you don't have to constantly buy and install expensive software and upgrades - we keep up with technology so you don't have to.

  Eliminate guesswork on good website design.
Our intuitive, point-and-click wizards guide you through creating a powerful Web presence. You decide how it looks from dozens of professionally designed templates. And or we will design one just for you!

  Protect your critical information
LCN hosts and supports your applications using the latest tools and techniques to guarantee security, reliability and 24-hour-a-day availability.

  Manage your business information more effectively
LCN gives the right people access to the right information at the right time. It also shares information between processes seamlessly and integrates back-office data into Internet resources.

  Run your business better
LCN makes customer, supplier and employee interaction easier, more efficient and faster.

  Save time and money
Eliminate in-house web servers and expensive technical help. LCN's quick setup, intuitive interface and online accessibility minimizes work for harried employees.

The bottom line: LCN delivers the advantages of the Internet without the high up-front costs and technology hurdles of other solutions - all for less than you pay on monthly phone bills. Start now and in a few minutes you'll be on your way.