Professional Development & Employment Opportunities

BASSC is committed to developing a professional and skilled human service workforce as well as implementing promising practices across the San Francisco Bay Area region. It pursues these objectives through three professional training programs: The Senior Executive Program, the Executive Development Program, and the Bay Area Academy.
The Executive Development Program (EDP) participants are comprised of upper level managers from social service departments selected by top management. They participate in a training program that is structured to address the challenges of changing organizational environments and to foster better strategies to fulfill client and community needs. The program is operated by U.C., Berkeley Extension. During the first ten years of the program (1994-2004) over 200 case studies have been developed by the program participants. These are available for review and downloading by topic area (child welfare, welfare to work, etc.), by county, and by year.
There are many Employment Opportunities in San Francisco Bay Area social services agencies. Each of the 13 BASSC member counties offers a unique organizational culture within a diversity of demographic, geographic and community environments. Employment opportunities are posted on the website of each county.
The Bay Area Academy (Academy) is a regional training institution that provides professional development for entry level and middle-management county child welfare and human services staff. This program is operated by San Francisco State University School of Social Work.