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Administration on Aging

University of California at Berkeley Resource Center on Aging

National Council on Aging
Advocacy websites on issues such as long term care and social security

Network of Care
A highly interactive, community-based website that has multiple functions that assist the elderly and disabled, their caregivers and the service providers. It offers vital information about assistive devices, caregiving, day-to-day challenges and diseases, daily news from around the world concerning aging and disabilities, as well as enables you to keep personal records, create online family meeting place, and communicate directly with elected officials to make your voice heard in the legislative halls


Abandoned Infants Assistance Resource Center

Annie E. Casey Foundation Family to Family Initiative
Family to Family includes principles, strategies, and tools to confront the real problems faced by child welfare systems.

Center for Child & Youth Policy
CCYP is a new Organized Research Unit at UC Berkeley focused on interdisciplinary research, and information dissemination to public policy makers at the state and local level.

Child Welfare Services CWS/CMS Reports
(formerly known as Performance Indicators)
Reports for California

Child Welfare.com website
A gateway to child welfare resources

Children Now
Children Now is a nonpartisan, independent voice for children, working to translate the nation's commitment to children and families into action.

National Resource Center for Information Technology in Child Welfare (NRCITCW)
This resource center assists front line workers, supervisors and administrators in child welfare, as well as judges and court administrative personnel, in using technology and information to inform policy and practice in child welfare.

University of California at Berkeley Child Welfare Research Center


Southern Area Consortium Of Human Services (SACHS)
A county/university partnership, SACHS will engage in: strategic planning, training policy development advocacy, research to improve the quality and responsiveness of human services in the Southern California region.

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
TANF reauthorization

Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
Welfare Research

The Century Foundation
Welfare Reform

Minnesota Legislative Reference Library

Urban Institute

Welfare Information Network
A Clearinghouse for Information, Policy Analysis & Technical Assistance on Welfare Reform


Age Data
National, State, County level information as well as International

Aging / Elderly Population Data
Older Population in the United States

Includes child care data, child support data, living situation, health insurance, statistical briefs

Child Poverty Statistics

Dynamics of Economic Well-Being: Program Participation, 1993-1995 -- 10/05/01
An update of baseline estimates on people who received government assistance in the pre-welfare reform era. National data on participation in major means-tested programs by age, sex, family type, educational attainment, employment, poverty status, and race and Hispanic origin.

Income and Poverty in the United States: 2000 -- 09/25/01
Separate reports providing 2000 national and state data on income and poverty.

Preparing to Measure Welfare Reform -- 09/21/01
An analytic report using preliminary data from the Survey of Program Dynamics for 1993, 1994 and 1996.

Census 2000 Briefs: Age and The 65 Years and Over Population 10/03/01
Two briefs examine the age structure of the population of the United States, its regions, states, counties and cities.

Census Bureau American Fact Finder
Census Bureau's search-and-retrieval database

Census Bureau News Releases
Searchable database of Census Bureau news releases by date and subject


U.S. Government Reports
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Congressional Quarterly CQ Bill Comparison
Learn about and subscribe to a free trial of CQ Bill Comparison. All bills are displayed side-by-side, with color-coded changes. Track changes in your bills with a few quick clicks on an easy-to-use form.