A Special Thanks
We are deeply grateful to a very special group of Maynard Institute "Family" members who contribute financially to our work. Through their personal commitment, they strengthen the Institute's impact and capacity for accelerating the changes required for news media to reflect a multicultural America in content, staffing and business operations.

This group of Maynard Institute Family members support our work--and is helping us meet a challenge from The Ford Foundation. The foundation approved a three-year, $1 million grant to the Institute that includes a challenge component, matching contributions from individuals, dollar for dollar.

During 1999, more than 80 Maynard IJE Family members contributed nearly $65,000. During the past two years, the Maynard Institute has received more than $100,000 in contributions from 100 individuals.

We are reaching our goal because so many of you have contributed generously. This year we have an opportunity to rise to the challenge again. Please consider making your own contribution to help the next generation of leaders in the news revolution.

1999/2000 Donors as of November 2000

Roy Aarons
Chris Anderson
Timothy Armour and Nina Ritter*
Elaine Ayala
Gilbert Bailon*
Marlene Bagley
Andrew Barnes
Alberta Bell
Dorothy Bland*
Frank Blethen*
Sharon Broussard
Bradford K. Brown*
Ken and Juli Bunting
Dr. Robert N. Butler and Myrna Lewis
Catalina Camia
Don Carson
Kurt Christensen
Ann Harris Costa
Jim Crutchfield*
John Cummins
Christopher Dann
Lewis Diuguid
Phillip Dixon
John and Peggy Dotson*
Robert Eickhoff
Katherine Fanning
Gregory Favre
John C.K. Fisher
Jeanne Fox-Alston
Jack Fuller
Carolina Garcia
Loren Ghiglione
Dorothy Gilliam
Edward Gonzalez
Ann Gordon
Robert J. Hall
Cheryl Hampton
Karla Harshaw
Margaret Holt
Bryan Hori
Evelyn Hsu
George Irish*
Pam Johnson
Ron Kitagawa
Bruce Koon
Jerry Large
Warren Lerude*
Lawrence Lew
Dickson Louie
Alex MacLeod*
Paula Madison*
Tony Marcano
Elinor May/May Foundation
Mitchell May
Nancy Maynard
Walter T. Middlebrook
Mary Mikkelson*
Kay Mills
Bob Mong*
Robert Montemayor
James Moss
Steve and Elyse Montiel
Yalinda Moore
Annie Nakao*
James Naughton
Bryce Nelson
Glen Ow*
Loyce Pailen
Neal Pattison
Gayle Pollard-Terry and Mike Terry
Glenn Proctor
Orage Quarles
Addie Rimmer*
Robert Rivard
Jeff Rivers*
Meriemil Rodriguez
Rick Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez
Sharon Rosenhause
Jerry Sass
Alexis Scott*
Ruby Scott
Catherine Shen
John Sias*
Mark Thomas
Collin Tong
Mark N. Trahant*
Lori Ann Taki Uno
Tim White
Mark Willes
Denise Williams
Valena Williams
Jim Willse
Liz Zavala

*Contributed in both 1999 and 2000


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