Executive Development Program
Program Description

Case Studies

The Executive Development Participants' Case Studies documents the experiences and observations of managers in county social service agencies who participated in the Bay Area Social Service Consortium (BASSC).
The case studies from the Executive Development program are available to current program participants as well as other interested parties. It is important to note that these case studies generally represent the perceptions of one person (except in a few instances where there is more than one author) and may not always include current or the most accurate information. Further contact with the host county may be needed. An initial search by topic area should prove to be the most useful, although locating information by county or year is also possible.
A 15-day internship project and case study, intended to stimulate collaborative exchanges of information and creative peer learning opportunities across the participating counties, is scheduled between Modules Two and Three. The case studies are published each year as a Participants' Casebook. Click the "Case Studies" link above to see titles from the most recent publications.
Kerry Ray-Chaudhuri, MSW, serves as the Program Coordinator, and Stan Weisner, Ph.D. as Program Director, <stan@unex.berkeley.edu>. Professor Michael Austin serves as the lead faculty advisor and teaches in the program along with other UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare faculty, Bay Area Social Service Department Directors, and outside consultants.