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Mobility in Alameda County Fact Sheets
These fact sheets highlight programs, resources, and efforts underway to serve Alameda County's older adults and persons with disabilities:

- Alameda County CTC Paratransit Advisory Planning Committee (PAPCO)
- Alameda County Hospital Discharge Transportation Service
- Aging in Alameda County
- Promoting Active Transportation for Older Adults
- Addressing Barriers to Transportation Access for Older Adults
- Making Public Transit Accessible and Appealing for Older Adults

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Paratransit Advisory Planning Committee

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Hospital Discharge Transportation Service

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Aging in Alameda County

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Promoting Active Transportation for Older Adults

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Addressing Barriers to Transportation Access

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Making Public Transit Accessible & Appealing for Older Adults

Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority Paratransit Rider Customer Satisfaction Survey Results
Download the 2009 Paratransit Customer Satisfaction Survey and Results.

In 2009 a consumer survey was completed for all city-based paratransit programs in Alameda County.

This survey was requested by PAPCO and funded by the Alameda County CTC's Measure B Gap Grant Program.

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Survey Results Presentation

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Consumer Survey Final Report (MS Word)
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