Bay Area Academy

As one of five regional training academies in California, the Bay Area Academy (Academy) was launched in 1998 to provide professional development services for BASSC county Child Welfare staff. The Academy's program, co-sponsored by BASSC and the School of Social Work at San Francisco State University, is guided by a Training Advisory Board comprised of Child Welfare managers and trainers led by the Vice Chair of BASSC. Administrative guidance and support are provided by the Director of the School of Social Work at San Francisco State University. Since 1998, the Academy has grown from a single-funded contract providing training to Child Welfare staff (primarily funded through the California Department of Social Services) to a regional training institution funded by ten regional, county, state, and federal contracts. Most services focus on training workshops such as Foundations of Child Welfare Supervision, Ethnographic Interviewing, Risk Assessment, Issues in Domestic Violence, and The Effects of Trauma on Brain Development. Other significant activities include policy summits and conferences including Managing the Workforce Crisis: Issues in Recruitment & Retention in Public Social Services, Meeting the Educational Needs of Foster Youth, and Identifying Barriers and Building Bridges in Domestic Violence. The Academy also provides technical assistance and consultation in curriculum development, technology integration, facilitation, research dissemination, videoconferences, mentoring, and strategic planning. In addition to its primary service deliverables, the Academy is a resource for short-term regional endeavors as well as national dissemination of human service expertise. For example, in 2001 BASSC asked the Academy to study regional human resource issues and to identify best practice related to staff recruitment and retention within human services. The two-year regional project will outline key issues and include recommendations for improving workforce recruitment and retention for each county in the region. Moreover, Academy faculty and staff are regularly invited to present at national conferences to share their expertise in training, technology, and other professional development services in the public human services arena. Recent national presentations include Learning in Motion: Reaching the Kinesthetic Learners, Developing a Comprehensive Training Series, Essential Leadership Ingredients: From Theory to Practice, and Developing an Interactive and Productive Staff Retreat.
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