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Program Staff Changes Announced

Congratulations to Sharon Cordice on her promotion to Program Manager within Aging & Independence Services. Sharon will oversee the Call Center, Home and Community Based Services as well as the Ombudsman program, although her involvement on a day to day basis will be taken over by Susan Pollock, who has been promoted to Sharon's previous position as Program Coordinator. (Please visit Contact Us for details.) We wish both Sharon and Susan tremendous success in their new positions!

Mileage Reimbursement Procedures

Mileage Claim Forms will no longer be corrected and processed by staff, they will be returned to the volunteer for correction and re-submission. Please review Susan's letter of December 16th, the Helpful Hints (scroll down) and page two of the Mileage Report form.

1. The “DESTINATION” section must be filled out with street address and city.
2. The “ODOMETER” section must now have the complete odometer reading for the first trip each day. After the first trip the last three digits are acceptable.
3. The “TOTAL MILES FOR TRIP” section should be only one way. The trip from home to facility and back home again needs to be on separate lines.
4. The “PURPOSE OF TRIP REMARKS” section needs to be completed. Suggested remarks are: general visit, return trip, complaint investigation, team meeting, etc.
5. The “DATE” and “TIME” section should be filled out completely.
6. Do not put more than one month on a page.
7. If you more than one sheet please DO NOT staple them together.
8. Sign the form.
9. Please turn in mileage claim each month (not several months at a time).

Facility Quality Checklist Form Now Available Online

This useful Facility Quality Checklist form is now available on the Forms page.