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CNMHC Far South Region
Freedom and choice with full civil liberties
Who We Are
Let us know what you want
Our staff and Board of Directors are here for you.
We were brought into existence to be here for you; to give you a voice and know your choices.
Far South Regional Coordinator

Elizabeth Ellison B.S., Far South Regional Coordinator, DV Counselor, Peer Advocate & Specialist, Paralegal. California Network of Mental Health Clients(CNMHC) Direct Line: 619 251.3337 Fax 916.443.4089 www.californiaclients.org
We are the Change!
CNMHC Board President

Vernon Montoya, CNMHC President, Leadership Award, For all the many years of struggle and challenge, Foe all the times you persistence own the day, For the language you inserted when everyone had gown weary, For the truthfulness you share at great personal cost!


CNMHC Board Member
Mary Jo O'Brien, Consumer Advocate, San Diego County, California Network of Mental Health Clients Board Member
Michael McPherson, Consumer Advocate San Diego County, California Network of Mental Health Clients Past Board President.
Advocates in Action!

Sue Watson
Sue Watson, CNMHC Consumer Advocate Orange County, Voting Member Orange County MHSA Stakeholder meetings.
David, Consumer Advocate, San Bernardo County

Linda Alikee, Consumer Advocate Orange County

Debbie Katz, Banning, Riverside County
Carolina, Consumer Advocate, "We, the Latino community need education on the stigma attached to MH issues and also on the side defects of medications.


Lauretta Ross: San Bernardino, "our MHSA programs promote Wellness, Recovery and Resilience. They are highly productive in accommodating MH consumers supporting consumer employment".
Lorri Green, "President Barack O'bama is committed to hear OUR voice"

Kim: San Diego
Lynne Stewart, Leader and Inspiration, Leadership Award

Lorri Green: San Bernardino

Maria' We need more peer coordinators in our MH System!

Maria O

Richard Hayes, Leadership Award

Mary Jo, Leadership in Action!
Rego: Orange County, "A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be"

Sheryl B.