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Savannahs Story. Savannah came into our life September 8, 1997 and left us July 13, 2000. She was a joy to all of us and so dearly missed. Below is her story of how in a split second your child can get hurt. Please watch them closer, for in which my heart goes out to all the parents and families that have gone through this. 


July 13, 2000, it was a normal day for us. My husband at the time was at work and I was home alone with the little ones. My son just turned one and she was two, almost three.  That day was so hot. It was the hottest day in Montana. Her dad came home; I went to see the Landlord with her. When we got back, I laid down. The heat was making me sick. So my husband at that time was to watch the kids. Long story short, he fell asleep, I woke him when I went to get my son from his room. He didnít know where she was, so because of the heat, he went looking first. I didnít want my son out in the heat. So I nursed him and gave him a cool bath, since he was hot himself. My husband came to me and told me he couldnít find her. So I grabbed the car keys and was going to go drive around to look for her. And thatís when I found her. I regret not opening the car door; I panicked and got my husband. He got her out and I called 911 and started CPR. I had put her under the Air conditioner and tried to get her cool while I was trying to revive her. She died in my arms. She was in a Pontiac Grand Am and had locked herself in. It was a lender car and she was curious about dadís new car. There were toys everywhere and stickers on the steering wheel. her body temp had reached 106.0 when she passed. So please keep your car locked at all time, in which your little ones are quick to get in trouble. She is missed so dearly and Loved by so many. Her spirit was so incredible, no matter how bad of a day you would have, she would light the room up. She has a new sister and they'll never meet cause of this tragic a ccident.