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Yoga for Caregivers

You did not volunteer to become a caregiver. You simply did what came naturally. When a loved one needed help, you were there. Now you find yourself in a new role.

Whether or not you think of yourself as a “Family Caregiver,” the additional stress and aggravation is unavoidable when you assume the duties of caring for a loved one. The added strain comes at a cost. You become more susceptible to fatigue, illness, and disability. How do you maintain you own physical and mental health while fulfilling your responsibilities?

We all know that nutrition and exercise are essential to health. Where do we find the time?

The exercise on “Yoga for Caregivers” was created with you in mind. It provides the maximum impact for your health in an efficient schedule and the most convenient location – your home. And yoga is demonstrated as an effective method to reduce stress and anxiety while benefiting your health.

In short, regular practice of the yoga on this video will help you be the best caregiver you possibly can.

Some noted health benefits of yoga:

• Improve balance and reduce the risk of falls
• Lower blood pressure
• Reduce stress
• Improve coordination and flexibility
• Improve concentration, sleep, and digestion

Studies have also showed improved outcomes for people who practice yoga while undergoing treatment for diseases, such as breast cancer.

For more information, click on the page links in the left hand column. Or call Aging & Independence Services at 800 510-2020. Video produced by the San Diego Area Agency on Aging, Aging & Independence Services, with funding through the Older Americans Act.