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Osteoporosis Prevention and Stabilization Program
An 11 week program that helps seniors maintain their health and flexibility. Gentle stretches and weight-bearing exercises are combined with information about how your bones and body work..11 week program that combines physical exercise and educational information concerning Osteoporosis. Facilitated by the YWCA of Greater Portland. Class is taught by Dana Anderson, a certified personal trainer by the American Council of Exercise. Adult admission price: 5.00. Other pricing information: $5.00 for the full program. The program is funded by the YWCA of Greater Portland and receives partial funding from Multnomah County..
From the week of Jan. 1, 2010, Wednesday of every week from 12:45p until 1:45p.
Contact Info:
Contact: Molly Gray
5139 N Lombard, Portland OR 97203
Telephone: 503-721-6777
Fax: 503-721-6781
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Parking: Parking is not provided
Minimum Age: 0
University Park Community Center
9009 N Foss Avenue, Dance Room, Portland OR 97203
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