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Any protective, public, sectarian, mental health or private assistance or advocacy agency or person providing health or social services to elders or dependent adults are mandated reporters. TRUE OR FALSE
Mandated reporters must report elder/dependent adult abuse as soon as practicably possible to the 24-hour, seven-day a week reporting line at 800 510-2020. True or False
The identity of all mandated reporters in held in confidence; Adult Protective Services can only reveal the identity of who made the report to specific entities mandated by law. TRUE OR FALSE
Adult Protective Service workers only investigate physical abuse. True or False
You must have absolute proof of abuse to make a report to the Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse reporting line. TRUE OR FALSE
State law DOES NOT require mandated reporters to make file a written report. True or False
The Long-term Care Ombudsman investigates incidents of suspected abuse in licensed care facilities. True or False
Elders and dependent adults have the right to make personal decisions that may not appear to be in their own best interest. TRUE OR FALSE
It is a violation of state law for mandated reporters to fail to report suspected elder/dependent adult abuse. True or False
Elder abuse should be reported if the vicitim is 65 years or older OR is between the ages of 18-64 and is unable to care from him or herself, and/or is unable to protect his or her own rights and interests. TRUE OR FALSE