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Helena Bray - Silver Age Yoga Instructor
The host of Yoga for Caregivers, Helena Bray, is a caregiver as well a yoga instructor. Helena started doing yoga for health benefits. However, one day after a yoga class, she noticed that it was much easier to deal with her mother who has dementia. It was then that she really committed to her yoga practice and decided to become an instructor so that she could share yoga with others. She is now a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and a certified Silver Age Yoga Instructor. She is also co-creator of Yogazander® which is a special combination of Yoga and The Alexander Technique that increases body awareness and facilitates deep relaxation. Her dream is to someday offer yoga retreats on tropical islands. In the meantime, she wishes to bring a little bit of paradise to her students through the practice of yoga. Her caregiving journey continues as her mother, who lives with Helena and her husband, turns 100 this fall. She credits her success as a caregiver to yoga and an incredible spouse who is always there to step in when she falters. She hopes that others will find the inner strength and peace that they need with the help of this Yoga for Caregivers program.