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Welcome! This web site is dedicated to providing information about Alameda County's ADA paratransit, dial-a-ride, senior transportation and city-based paratransit programs.

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Seniors and People with Disabilities
You have public transportation options in Alameda County:
Fixed Route Transportation: The most inexpensive and flexible option is Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and the public bus system. BART and all the bus systems in Alameda County (AC Transit; Wheels, which serves the Tri-Valley; and Union City Transit) are 100-percent equipped with lifts for wheelchair users and others who need assistance boarding the bus. For more information about Alameda County's Fixed Route Transit providers, please visit them using the following links:
AC Transit
Union City Transit

ADA Paratransit: Paratransit is transportation for seniors and persons with disabilities who are unable to use BART or any of the bus systems. ADA paratransit is designed to complement BART and the bus systems and may not provide the service desired by all seniors and persons with disabilities. ADA paratransit is provided by East Bay Paratransit in those portions of the county served by AC Transit and BART. It is provided in the Tri-Valley area by the Livermore-Amador Valley Transit Authority (Wheels Dial-a-Ride) and in Union City by Union City Transit. All ADA paratransit is prescheduled at least one day in advance, and the fare is limited to double the applicable bus fare. Some city-based paratransit programs require users to apply for ADA paratransit. To get started, click on East Bay Paratransit or your city's name on the sidebar on this page.

City-Based Paratransit Programs: Many of Alameda County’s cities provide their own paratransit programs, in addition to the ADA program that operates in each jurisdiction. City-based programs are funded mostly by the local transportation sales tax known as Measure B. You may download an application to submit via email, mail or fax. To find applications and learn more about the city program where you live, click on your city on the sidebar on this page.

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