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City of Alameda
1155 Santa Clara Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501
Phone: (510) 747-7506
Fax: (510) 523-0247
Alameda Paratransit

Service: The City offers three programs to residents: A taxi-based Supplementary Paratransit Service complementing East Bay Paratransit service, a Medical Return Trip Improvement Program providing taxi trips to East Bay Paratransit-certified individuals returning from medical appointments, and a Premium Taxi Service providing a 50 percent discount for taxi rides with the City of Alameda transportation provider. A Scholarship Program, special group trips and free East Bay Paratransit coupon books also are provided.

Hours: Taxi rides can be taken seven days a week (24 hours a day). When East Bay Paratransit service is not available, taxi service is available through the Supplementary Paratransit Service.

Eligibility: Supplementary Paratransit Service is available to East Bay Paratransit-certified residents, or to those awaiting certification. For Premium Taxi Service, the following groups are eligible: 1) East Bay Paratransit certified Alameda residents, 2) residents age 75 and older, regardless of disability, or age 70 and older without a driver’s license. Group trips are open to residents age 50 and older. “Very low income” households are eligible for the Scholarship Program.

Application required: Complete the City-Based Paratransit Services Application and mail it to the address above.
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Updated 12/7/12