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Things to Change in Your Behavior and Everyday Life to Reduce Your Chances of Falling
1. Keep Emergency Contact Information on you at all times or on your refrigerator.

2. Wear a medical alarm system around your neck at all times.

3. Use a handrail as you move up and down stairs.

4. Do not stand up too quickly or move quickly after sitting for a long time. It may cause dizziness.

5. Do not wear long loose clothing that drags on the floor.

6.Do not carry large items like boxes or trays in front of you that keeps you from seeing your feet as you walk.

7. Do not lean on un-sturdy furniture or loose railings.

8. Clean up messes and spills immediately after they happen.

9. Do not walk quickly into an unwell-lit room or place.

10. Repair crack or uneven floors.

11. Install grab bars in your bathroom

12. Keep shower curtains inside the bathtub to avoid dripping water on the ground.