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Nutrition and Exercise
By changing what you eat and how often you exercise, you will be able to live a healthier life and have more energy. By feeling better, you will have a better balance and be less at risk for a fall.
Eating Right Can Reduce Your Chances of Having:
ˇ Heart Disease
ˇHigh Blood Pressure
ˇAnd Other Health Problems
Tips for a Healthier Life
1. Be aware of the foods that you are taking in and what you need to eat to have a balanced diet.

2. Do not skip meals.

3. Eat more healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables.

4. Make sure that you have enough Calcium to prevent Osteoporosis.

5. Create a regular exercise plan that keeps you active everyday.

6. Drink plenty of water each day to keep hydrated.

Feeling Fit Club
The Feeling Fit Club is administered by Aging & Independence Services. It is an exercise program that has 22 sites throughout the County of San Diego. The Feeling Fit Club also provides a TV program that is on at 8 a.m. and at 1 p.m. Monday through Friday on the San Diego County Television Network (CTN) on Time Warner Channel 22, Adelphia Channel 66 and Cox Channel 19 or 24.

For further information about the Feeling Fit Club, please contact Katie Judd at Aging & Independence Services.

Katie Judd
Aging & Independence Services
Health Promotions

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For Feeling Fit Club location and times, click on the Summer Schedule above.
Food Pyramid
Learning about the food pyramid is a great way to start learning about a healthy diet

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To view the latest Food Pyramid by the USDA, click on the above file.
Recipe Book

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5 a Day Recipe Book