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Home Safety Tips
1. Install grab bars to help you get up from the bathtub or toilet if you have difficulties.

2. Have non-skid bath mats.

3. Keep things on lower shelves or wherever they are easily accessible without stretching or climbing.

4. Do not let your bedding drag on the floor.

5. Do not have any loose handrails or stairs.

6. Do not have any loose or broken tiles or linoleum floors.

7. Have a light switch at the bottom and top of your stairs.

8. Be aware of uneven surfaces as you walk.

9. Have a light source available immediately as you enter a room.

10. Do not have a lot of clutter or messes around your home.

11. Do not have extension cords or wires lying on the ground in the middle of your passageway.

12. Be aware of where your pets are at all times.

13. Keep a battery power tap light within easy reach

14. Make sure that all rugs are securely in place so that they don't slide or slip.

15. Do not use an unsturdy step stool to climb on.

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If you require any type of home repair, home modification, or installation, you may refer to the home repair resource list for handymen and community services