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Resource Links
For more information about Fall Prevention, consult the following resources:
Senior Injury Prevention Program, Alameda County Department of Public
Downloadable version of the program's "Preventing Falls for 60+ Adults"
manual. To order the associated video, contact Colleen Campbell at (510)
Fall Prevention Center of Excellence
This website contains extensive information and resources on falls
prevention, the "StopFalls Newsletter," and directions on how to join
the StopFalls Network California.
Falls Free: Promoting a National Falls Prevention Action Plan
This website contains the action plan developed during the Falls Free
Summit, as well as background research and related information.
Fallproof! A Comprehensive Balance and Mobility Training Program
By Debra J. Rose, This evidence-based, multidimensional, practical manual provides
detailed research and instruction on mobility and balance.
"Generations" Winter 2002-03 issue
This issue of ASA's quarterly journal is devoted to falls and
fall-related injuries. The "Generations" website lists the full table of
contents. Back issues are also available for purchase.
Home Safety Council
This website includes resources and research on home safety, a home
assessment checklist, and the Safe Steps Program, a falls-prevention
curriculum distributed to older adult activity centers.
National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modifications
This website has information and training on home
modifications, including links to home-safety checklists.
"Perceptions of Risk and Sociocultural Barriers to Home Safety for Elders" by Judith C. Barker
Article in the Spring 2005 issue of "Maximizing Human Potential," the
newsletter of ASA's Network on Environments, Services, and Technologies
for Maximizing Independence.
Research abstracts and articles from the Connecticut Collaboration for Fall Prevention
This website includes the American Geriatrics Society's "Guideline for
the Prevention of Falls in Older Persons."
"A Tool Kit to Prevent Senior Falls"
This CDC toolkit contains factsheets, informational graphics, and
brochures about falls prevention for older adults.