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Unfortunately In Salem and the surrounding area's adult day care is not readily available and if it is i.e(Salem senior center) it's only available 1 day per week for those who qualify cannot be incontinent,wander,total feeder's , dependant on other's for medication administration, blood glucose check,insulin prep/admin special diet's, etc
we at country inn of Salem were shocked to realize that the needs of our elderly and those family member's who care for them were not being giving the opportunity to have a full-time adult day care were instead of having our love one's institutionalized in a skilled nursing facility we have the chance to take care of our loved one's as they took care of us by dropping them off at the adult day care the family member can continue to work in the community and after work pick-up there loved one's(this is what many of our parent's did for us when we were young and now it's our chance to pay them back and retain there dignity and lesson the strain on caregivers