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COTR Monitoring Tools
Tools used by contract administrators when conducting in-depth invoice reviews, site visits, and vehicle inspections (of County owned vehicles).

size:17.96 K
Program Responsibilities

size:13.66 K
Dining Site Visit

size:21.98 K
Vehicle Inpsection

size:17.93 K
Client Records

size:14.55 K
Unannounced Site Visit

Nutritionist Monitoring Tools
Tools used by Wendy when conducting site visits.

size:20.40 K
Congregate Monitoring Tool

size:22.00 K
Home-Delivered Monitoring Tool

size:25.29 K
Site Visit Checklist

Nutrition Program Site Requirements
Important information for all nutrition program providers.

size:17.19 K
AIS Due Dates

size:15.99 K
Disaster Plan Site Information

size:47.65 K
Inservice Requirements

size:22.98 K
Links in Pro Forma

size:174.88 K
Notify AIS when...

size:55.94 K
Nutrition Education Requirements

size:167.91 K
Senior Meal Eligibility Requirements

Meal Reporting Forms

size:161.92 K
Meal Report Forms

2010 Client Intake Form
Client Intake Form 2010
C1 & C2

size:44.47 K
Client Intake Form

Signature Authorization Form

size:14.03 K
Signature Authorization Form

Security Awareness Training
Training to be completed annually. Original can be found on CDA website.

size:1.73 M
Security Awareness Training

Exclusion & Debarment
Links for the Exclusion & Debarment websites. All employees must be checked on both sites monthly.
Debarment Website
Exclusion Website