PowerPoint Presentations

IG Program Presentation
These slide presentations are final class projects of SDSU Gerontology 250 students.

size:2.16 M
Intergenerational Cancer Healing
Bringing generations together to survive and strengthen the soul. Tracy Stutsman

size:745.26 K
Grandbuddy, Buddy, Little Buddy
Tutoring Program. Multigenerational Program where young and old serve together. Luz Imelda Ramirez

size:117.95 K
Zero Reject Project
From one of the six principles of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Rosa Villapando

size:5.70 M
Car Restoration Project
Bringing young and old together. Paul Ogden

size:360.28 K
SDSU Adult Day Care
Intergenerational shared site; Mary Wageman