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Getting started is very simple.

Click on the link for the Initial Underwriting Application.

Complete the forms and return to Senior Equity Solutions.

If you are a Kaiser Patient please open the link named Kaiser HIPAA and attach that form with the application.

The HIPAA form is required to obtain your medical Records from your Physician. The information collected will be used in determining your insurability for a life insurance policy (EquityKey pays for all premiums and is the beneficiary).

The Insurance policy provides us a hedge against depreciation of your home. In addition, provides the capital to pay the heirs or estate in the event of tremedous appreciation as well as an untimely passing.

There is a refundable $300.00 deposit required. This deposit is almost always refunded. The only instance in which we may keep your deposit is if EquityKey determines you are eligible, you sign the option, for some reason you cancel the agreement prior to receiving the money.

If you are not eligible your money is REFUNDED.
If your property value is insufficient your money is REFUNDED.
If you are not insurable for any reason your money is REFUNDED.

Initial Underwriting Application (Non Insurance)

Kaiser HIPAA

Sample Performance Deed