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Jorgensen Law represents disabled persons with their Social Security Claims providing legal assistance in obtaining Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits. SSI benefits are primarily for low/no income claimants and SSDI is for disabled persons who have earned enough work credits for this program (usually 5 years of full time work in the last 10 years). Whether your patient needs help with an SSI/SSDI application, an appeal, or help arguing a case before a judge, Jorgensen Law is here to help. There is absolutely no fee for any of our services unless we are able to obtain benefits for our client.

How We Can Help:

1. We will help your clients/patients obtain SSI/SSDI benefits.
2. We offer free disability clinics and Q&A sessions to your business or group.
3. We offer free charitable resources that include help obtaining the following:
∙ Free Bus and trolley fare ∙ Medical Insurance ∙ Housing/shelter∙ Food and clothing