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CNMHC South Region

CNMHC Main page
The California Network of Mental Health Clients provides a statewide advocacy voice by and for clients/survivors and lends critical support to self-help and mutual support groups.
Advocacy Trainings!
Finding Our Voices

Each year since 2005, the California Network has offered peer leadership trainings in Northern, Southern and Central California. Known as Finding Our Voices, the trainings have brought together emerging leaders from around the state for comprehensive, interactive trainings whose goal is to improve advocacy skills and help bring client advocates to an awareness of their own power to effect client-driven systems change. With widely known and respected trainers like Dan Fisher, Sally Zinman, Dave Hosseini, Carole Ford, Michele Curran, Sharon Kuehn, Paula Comunelli and Gwen Lewis-Reid, Finding Our Voices graduates include many of the state's most active emerging client advocates. This picture shows 2007 FOV graduates and trainers. Well known faces include trainers Dan Fisher, Sharon Kuehn and Paula Comunelli, as well as Bob Quinn, Chris Camilleri and Chuck Hughes.
CNMHC Training and Resources
Transformation Strategies
Three strategies for transforming mental health systems are examined for addressing discrimination and prejudice in mental health settings: Improving Attitudes and Practices; Ending Discrimination and Prejudice; and Integrating the Mental Health Workforce.
Workforce Education and Training: What Can be Funded
Key areas of client (consumer) and family workforce development are covered: Workforce Staffing Support; Training and Technical Assistance; Mental Health Career Pathways; Residency, Internship Programs; and Financial Incentive Programs. Provides: Preparation, training and retention for consumer employees.
Working in Wellness: MHSA and Consumer Employment
A comprehensive look at consumer employment in public mental health that includes: Client Values of empowerment, self-help and peer support; Transformation through consumer employment and recovery; Key practices; Advocacy within MHSA; and a sample consumer employment program outline.
Eight Rules of Effective Advocacy
A basic conceptual understanding of consumer advocacy, stakeholders and community organizing. Introduces specific techniques for successful advocacy on behalf of oneself or others.
Partners in Leadership: A Resource Guide to Consumer Organizing in Rural Counties
A comprehensive tool for working in rural counties, in particular in the far North Region. Training may be tailored to individual county issues.
MHSA 101

An overview of the Mental Health Services Act, underscoring: The pivotal role of consumers in the development of the language and subsequent mandates with the MHSA for consumer inclusion and client centered care; Employment of consumers and family members at all levels in the mental health system and the meaningful inclusion of mental health consumers and family members, and viewpoints, in training and education programs; Type of programs that reflect client values.

Prevention and Early Intervention
A review of Prevention and Early Intervention component of MHSA from a consumer perspective, with an emphasized look at the role of consumers as pivotal to anti-stigma and discrimination programs.
Additional Training Topics
(tailored to county needs)

* Empowerment Training (Moving from service recipient to advocate)
* Culturally Competent Membership Outreach and Development
* Advocacy Services/Supports (Housing, employment, income, benefits, rights)
* Starting Self-Help and Client-Run Groups and Programs (Leadership development, staffing, and membership involvement)
* Peer Support (Includes "trauma informed" communication skills, peer counseling tools and self-empowerment plans (i.e.Wellness Recovery Action Plan)
* Consumer Employment Preparation and Support
* Stigma Reduction (via community / public relations, neighborhood outreach, media)
* Meeting Management, Community Outreach and Organizing
* Reducing Isolation; Re-entry into the community
* Client Culture Presentation for staff and clients-state mandated for counties
* Finding Our Voice (to support pre-employment readiness of consumers)

For more information about CA Network of Mental Health Clients Tranings
Contact: Karin Lettau, TAC CNMHC
CA Network of Mental Health Clients
2012 19th Street, Ste. 100
Sacramento, CA 95818
Phone: (916) 443-3232
Toll free: (800) 626-7447

Email: info@californiaclients.org
Website: www.californiaclients.org

Alternatives 2011 Annual Conference
"Promoting Wellness Through Social Justice"
Save the Date! Alternatives 2011

Alternatives 2011 to Be Held in Orlando, 10/26-30, 2011
Posted: January 28, 2011
Title: Alternatives 2011 to Be Held in Orlando, 10/26-30, 2011

The annual national conference organized by and for individuals with psychiatric histories, will be held from Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011, through Sunday, Oct. 30, 2011, at the Caribe Royale Orlando in Orlando, Fla. Alternatives 2011 is being organized by the National Mental Health Consumers’ Self-Help Clearinghouse, a peer-run national technical assistance center funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Mental Health Services. We will provide more information as it becomes available, and we look forward to seeing you there. In the meantime, please see this link to information about how to seek funding to attend the conference. Scholarship application information will be provided as soon as it is available. However, scholarship funds are always limited, so we urge those who would like to attend the conference to seek alternatives.

Alternatives 2011 Theme Is Chosen and Web Site Is Launched!

The theme of Alternatives 2011 http://www.alternatives2011.org to be held Oct. 26-30 at the Caribe Royale Orlando in Orlando, Fla. is Coming Home: Creating Our Own Communities of Wellness and Recovery. The theme was selected by the Alternatives 2011 Advisory Committee to reflect the yearning for home by military veterans, individuals with involvement in the criminal justice system, and those who are homeless. We are making a special effort to reach out to members of these three groups, said Joseph Rogers, executive director of the National Mental Health Consumers Self-Help Clearinghouse, which is organizing this year's conference. The Clearinghouse is a peer-run national technical assistance center funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Center for Mental Health Services. More information, including details about SAMHSA scholarships, will be provided as it becomes available, on the new Alternatives 2011 Web site: http://www.alternatives2011.org. Questions? Please e-mail the Clearinghouse at info@mhselfhelp.org.

Scholarships Available
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS), through a contract with Westover Consultants, Inc. (Westover), and AFYA, Inc. (AFYA), is providing financial support to consumers of mental health services who wish to participate in the Alternatives 2011 Annual Conference. The purpose of this scholarship is to foster the transformation of mental health care to focus on recovery.

Please Note: In order for you to be eligible for this scholarship, a completed application must be received by U.S. Mail, postmarked on or before the deadline of May 16, 2011. NO FAXED OR E-MAILED SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Also see http://www.mhselfhelp.org/resources/view.php?resource_id=697 for suggestions about alternative ways to obtain funding to attend the conference, since scholarships are limited.

Source: http://www.mhselfhelp.org/
View ...

For information and application materials
Map Alternitives 2011 Conference location
.....Advocating for Freedom and Choice
with full civil liberties.....

size:3.42 M
Using CNMHC regional website as a self help, recovery, advocacy and overcoming stigma tool.

size:8.56 M
Using CNMHC regional website as a self help, recovery, advocacy and overcoming stigma tool tutorial.
After viewing this PowerPoint, you will be able to:

* Understand reasons and benefits of using the CNMHC regional sites as advocacy and recovery tools.

* Have the skills to orchestrate and strategize your advocacy efforts as well as networking with an audience of your peers on the CNMHC interactive web site.

Be able to quickly and easily:
*find CNMHC Regional sites on search engines.
* navigate and find useful information on CNMHC Regional sites.
* enter content on CNMHC Regional sites
find CNMHC Regional sites on search engines.

Other trainings for CA Consumers
Laughter Bridges Leader Certification Training
Working Well Together, Southern Region
Events Hosted By Working Well Together, Southern Region
Consumers in the Mental Health Workforce

This is an interactive web site. If you are a consumer or past consumer of MH services in California South Region you may add text you want to appear on some of our web site: First click on the "Participate" button. Sign in or create a user name and pass word. A form will open. Now choose the "Edit Posting" button just underneath the text you want your posting to appear. Click here for tutorial.