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CNMHC South Region

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What We Do!

Direct public policy advocacy including California's Mental Health Services Act and related issues, stakeholder outreach, engagement, education and training for a statewide, mental health client-run, member-based organization.

Coordinate with and train a team of five Regional Field Coordinators responsible for MHSA stakeholder outreach, engagement, membership development, education and leadership skill-building with clients in each Region, with a focus on diverse, unserved and underserved populations, collaboration with local mental health agencies and others; regular communication with clients around the State on policy issues, meetings and events; writing position papers on MHSA and other mental health-related policy issues, in consultation with the CNMHC Board, Public Policy Committee, MHSA Client Implementation Team and Members; represent the CNMHC and mental health clients at State-level stakeholder and policy meetings, conference calls and events; serve on numerous committees in collaboration with family members, service providers, mental health agencies and others; coordination of State-level MHSA meeting scholarship distribution and delegate selection from among local emerging leaders.
Our innovative contributions
CNMHC's innovative contributions to the field of mental health have influenced both California and national mental health delivery systems. Most notably, the concept of "client culture" is now integrated into California's Cultural Competency Mental Health Plan. As well, two groundbreaking books on self-help and client-run programs are foundational to the field of mental health: Reaching Across: Mental Health Clients Helping Each Other and Reaching Across II: Maintaining Our Roots/The Challenge of Growth. Additionally, CNMHC led the Well-Being Project, the first client-developed research project in the nation, often referenced in mental health literature and practice and identified by the Surgeon General as groundbreaking.
We are the expertise!
CNMHC has statewide and local expertise exemplified by the range of trainings and technical assistance, policy advocacy, leadership, recovery programming, networking and self-help and mutual support provided to clients, as well as to individuals and systems that come in contact with individuals with mental disabilities.

This is an interactive web site. If you are a consumer or past consumer of MH services in California South Region you may add text you want to appear on some of our web site: First click on the "Participate" button. Sign in or create a user name and pass word. A form will open. Now choose the "Edit Posting" button just underneath the text you want your posting to appear. Click here for tutorial.