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Our Legislation/Position Papers!
California Network of Mental Health Clients is the state's first consumer technical assistance center, has played a major role in the development of the mental health consumer movement. The consumer movement strives for dignity, respect, and opportunity for those with mental illnesses. Consumers--those who receive or have received mental health services--continue to reject the label of "those who cannot help themselves." and continues to value freedom and choices with full civil liberties.

Position papers are statements of the Clients Networks stance on an issue, which impacts the status of persons on the receiving end of mental health services; are intended to inform legislatures, Client Network members and the general public on consumer perspectives, current research and scientific developments in mental health delivery systems.

New and revised documents are published in the Cal Gazette as well as on CNMHC website and may be viewed or printed for personal use only. Most of the documents linked below are saved in Portable Document Format.

The following position papers are listed in order by date, most recent papers first.

MHSA Workforce Education and Training (WET) State Level Recommendations
MHSA Workforce Education and Training (WET) Talking Points for County Planning
10 Core Recommendations
Talking Points - Stop AB 1421
Policy Arguments Against Implementation of AB 1421
AB 2357 - Why Oppose It
Seclusion and Restraints Policy Statement
Snapshot of CNMHC Public Policy Activities
Myth Fact Sheet; The Link Between Violence And Mental Illnesses May Not Be What You Think It Is
Position on Involuntary Outpatient Commitment/Expanding Forced Treatment
What Recent Reports Say About Involuntary Outpatient Commitment and the Expansion of Forced Treatment
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California Network of Mental Health Clients authorizes republication of position papers, in their entirety, provided full and proper credit is given. Readers may copy and distribute position papers providing such distribution is not used to indicate an endorsement of a product or service. Commercial distribution is not permitted without the permission of CNMHC. Requests to use portions of a position or requests for hard copies of a position may be requested by emailing your name, address and position title to CNMHC Public Policy Committee Chair, Delphine Brody at: delphinebrody@californiaclients.org .

Position and practice papers are written by Public Policy Committee who possess thorough and current knowledge of the topic. Qualified authors, reviewers of the draft papers and content advisers must submit an application and disclose any duality of interest prior to being selected to work on a new or existing position.