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Durham's System of Care is a framework for organizing and coordinating
services and resources into a comprehensive and interconnected
network. Its goal is to help individuals and families who need
services or supports from multiple human service agencies
to be safe and successful at home, in school, at work and
in the community.

Our System of Care builds on individual and community
strengths, and makes the most of existing resources to
help these individuals and families achieve better outcomes.


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History and Overview
How Did System of Care Begin in Durham?
In August 2002, key leaders in Durham's human service delivery system, including the Directors of Durham Public Health, Department of Social Services, The Durham Center (MH/DD/SAS), the Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, the Superintendent of Durham Public Schools, the Chair of the County Commissioners, the Assistant County Manager, and a District Juvenile Court Judge, made a commitment to work together to develop a community-wide System of Care. To solidify this commitment, they created and signed a Memorandum of Agreement that continues to serve as a living document and guide to the implementation of System of Care in Durham County.
What are the Essential Components of Durham's System of Care?
Since 2002, Durham has invested in the development of a strong and vibrant System of Care that continues to evolve.
Durham Directors - The ongoing commitment and involvement of the Chairperson of the County Commissioners, the School Superintendent, Juvenile Court Judge, and Directors of Public Health, The Durham Center, DSS, and the Chief Court Counselor in providing top-level leadership and policies that support of local SOC;
The System of Care Council - Assistant Director level or senior staff across agencies working together to improve services by refining operational and policy aspects of the system;
The Community Collaborative - A monthly public meeting comprised of representatives from a broad range of agencies, public and private providers, family advocates and others that support families. The Collaborative assesses needs in the community and establishes effective relationships to improve local services;
Child and Family Teams - Individuals important in the everyday lives of children and their families, including providers and informal support persons, who work as a team with each family. The Child and Family Team develops and implements an individualized family-centered service/support plan through one unified team: 1 Family/1 Team/1 Plan;
The Family Coalition - Families and human service staff working together to determine how best to support other families, learn about and obtain needed resources, and promote family centered planning in all areas of the SOC.
Care Review Teams - Various public and private professionals who provide additional support to Child and Family Teams helping with complicated family situations; and,
These team structures share responsibility and accountability to actively support Child and Family Teams to achieve meaningful outcomes for Durham's children and their families within the framework of a home-and community-based System of Care.
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