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Princess Leia Lucas®
Just recovered from "untreatable" amnesia - using brain technology.

It can work on medical, mental and trauma issues.

Don't settle for less.

Our Missions
The #Princess #Leia #Lucas® Foundations are the parents, holding companies, providing general management, administration, supports, collaborative efforts, general research and informational resources.

#NEWS®, Newsworthy Edification of Wholeistic Systems, publishes many journals, up to daily.

#IFNBT®, International Foundation of Neuroscience & Brain Technology® --manages global collaborative groups, studies, brain sciences, DNA and genealogy. We work on harnessing the up to ~80% of our most powerful brain transmissions which happen between people at the subconscious level, and/or through the portion of the brain attached to our spinal cord and bodies. IFNBT also a standards, accreditation and educational arm.

#FOSTER®, Foundation Offering Survivors Education and Recovery® - is our operational arm working with trauma survivors, for education training, supports and safety. No one needs to go it alone.

#RIGHTS Commissions®, Rights of Individuals Gathered to Help Together Safely,- supports legal advocacy, working with individuals, providers and groups.

#Life Force Recovery® -manages friendship, community, spiritual , and support groups by topic. This foundation may focuses on the very definition of our Life Force, what it is, where it comes from, how it effects us and why. Most importantly, we focus on how to build and share said Life Force, to nurture ourselves, and each other. Because once we bond in true friendship, then, "Together we are one. The Force is YOU."©