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Our Mission
Board members of the International Foundation of Neuroscience & Brain Technology, IFNBT, have defined the following as our mission and service goals:

*1) IFNBT goals include providing the most integrated resources for combining studies, feedback, data collection, analytics, research, teaching content and methodologies, therapeutic and practical applications of all related sciences and services, while protecting civil rights, and evaluating the appropriateness of expenditures (i.e. grants and other resources) in related fields of study.

*2) IFNBT shall focus on use of such information for mental, medical and disability health improvements, to aid trauma survivors, and to assist with positive utilization of new levels of brain-direct communications, primarily between people, for the benefit of mankind.

*3) IFNBT shall strive to make certain that the most accurate, relevant, useful and complete or combined groups of information, services, methods, and inventions are employed for teaching, actions, behaviors and analysis of the same, in order to produce the greatest good for the public.

*4) IFNBT shall have the intention of building / creating the most complete global membership and searchable databases for these purposes, and to support combining the efforts of major breakthroughs in these fields, across all people, places and organizations for maximum positive effectiveness.

*5) IFNBT shall attempt to provide a new level of transparency, human values, and the highest quality of resources, with the intend that all people in related fields may rely upon these efforts for the most useful, respectful, moral and up-to-date information and connections. Our ultimate and critical job is to serve lives, and hopefully, in a timely manner.

*6) IFNBT recognizes that these stated goals are aggressive and demanding in nature, and may or may not be achievable. Therefore, we ask for as much support as possible from all resources out there to aid in our efforts, in any form or format you and your organizations may be willing to provide.

We cannot do the job without all of you.
Please make yourselves heard, and understood.

*7) IFNBT believes that all practitioners in the field of neuroscience and brain technology should be required to take an oath to protect and defend. We believe this oath should include the following:

* "I will always do my best to learn as much as I can that's may be relevant to the work I do.
** I will always try to see all views presented, and include the highest priority issues in my evaluations and decisions.
*** When I make a mistake, (as we all do), I will do my best to determine what caused the mistake, how it' defined, and to correct it and forgive myself, as I repair any consequences I may have caused, however inadvertently. I will further use this opportunity to both learn, and teach others how to avoid my errors.
**** I will always strive to be a resource for encouraging progress, without falling into fear.

If you have concerns about the above mission and/or goals - please tell us!
If you agree with our mission and goals - please tell us.

There is no substitute...for caring.

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