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About Us
IFNBT is the first organization of it's type in the combined fields of neuroscience and brain technology to focus entirely on practical, healing and supportive applications for inter-brain connectivity. We are also the first to attempt establishing ourselves as the actual and de facto governing, standards, civil rights and accreditation organization for the same combined national and international fields. Join our mission. "Together, we are one."

Want to help us share our research and techniques?
*Please contact us by phone or email - at least at first, (joking).
We are now funded, (formal announcement to come), and building our databases, advanced research groups and organizational relationships at present.

Want to help, with anything at all? Are you good at coordinating and assisting volunteers? LET US KNOW! IFNBT relies on all kinds of people just like you, all the time.

Want to join our Board?
Present Board Members:
*Princess Leia Lucas (nope, not the movie one, the real one.)
*Peter Sheerin ("Miracle Worker"- official Red Cross award and Title - expert in Disaster Relief and technology)

IFNBT is also closely associated with the following:

Princess Leia Lucas® Foundations