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International Foundation of Neuroscience and Brain Technology
***What's the most fantastic thing you imagine your brain is capable of?
How about this: --What if the majority of your most critical communications with other people (maybe 75%) go on directly between brains -only SUB-consciously? That is, this other type of information we share, learn from, and use is often not part of our conscious awareness, or even of objective reality. ? Sounds like a movie, right? Defies science? Nope, it doesn't. And, ...it gets even better...

***What if you then found out that these same complex brain transmissions include sophisticated life-saving information capable of helping us to heal - even from the most serious medical or mental illnesses? Now that's worth studying, right? And what if we could then measure, and harness the power, to use it? Well, that's just what IFNBT is doing.

***At IFNBT, we have learned that trauma may be the root cause of a great many of our medical, mental and other problems, so that as we process and move past our traumas, and get brain transmission from people who support us, we then heal - our whole selves. And what's more, IFNBT already has survivors who have fully recovered - from life-long illnesses diagnosed as untreatable, for years.

So stay tuned, and DO check us out. Our survivors could NOT have recovered without the support of everyone. And here's a special THANK YOU for the critical work that you do, even when you don't know you're doing it.
"Together, we are one".

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