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Our Mission
****Life Force Recovery is all about being the complete, authentic and real you. Because only then can you experience the real me, and us.

What does Life Force "RECOVERY" mean?
We use BRAIN TRANSMISSION TECHNOLOGIES so you will learn for yourself.

OR: Send us requests for information for yourself, or for someone you want to help. Send to PO Box 8231, Foster City, CA 94404.

*** RECEIVE - the most advanced, fully integrated, psychological, medical, educational, scientific, research, and spiritual support services ever known, all together, right now;
*** ENTER - a synergized melded world of leaders and staff people, many just like you, learning to manage the lifelong process of recovery from traumas, amnesia, personality and mental issues, sometimes the results of military, government and public service, and so much more;
*** COUNT - yourself in, to take best advantage of our safe, caring and comfortable support networks - where you are in charge and control, whenever you want.
*** OCCUR - exist in the right place, at the right time, so together, we make things happen in all the ways that are just right...for you.
*** VALIDATE - who you are by surrounding yourself with the people, sciences, and life forces that are rewarded most - when you find, recover and recreate yourself, your way.
*** EVOLVE - to a higher state, to do, think, feel and be, only what you value most in life, then integrate these aspects fully, as we celebrate together - the real you.
*** REACH- out to others, let them truly know you. Know them fully. And remember. If each of us lives trying to save each other, and ourselves, then all of us have a reason to be, right here, where we belong.
*** YEARN - to learn, and be alive, so you can keep doing this work, and keep making your life and recovery count - all during our lifetime, and beyond.

*****Why do all of this? Well, that's just - what love is.

***** Together, we are one, ****THE FORCE -... IS ...- YOU******

(copyright 2010 to 2016, all rights reserved...for all of us.)