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$Every Dollar Feeds Kids$
In a world of unmet needs, the most tragic reality is that every year nine million people die from malnutrition and the illnesses related to poor nutrition. Of the 25,000 people who die daily from hunger and disease, more than half are children.

Hundreds of millions of children go to bed hungry every night. Even where schools are available, many of these kids are too weak to attend. Inadequate nutrition in the years between birth and three years of age can irrevocably affect brain growth, learning potential, long-term health and academic performance.

$Every Dollar Feeds Kids$ supports children in villages outside Cuernavaca, Mexico. We provide breakfast, dinner and vitamin supplements children who would otherwise have to survive on sporadic meals from their poverty-stricken families. The food assistance also enables these kids to have the strength to attend school.

Future expansion will provide meals in other carefully selected programs in Mexico and other Latin American countries.
$Every Dollar Feeds Kids$ is sponsored by the First Congregational Church of San Rafael. Administration is managed entirely by volunteers and expenses are covered by the church.

"When they are very very hunngry, they just don't learn."
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 Val Sherer
 First Congregational Church of San Rafael 8 North San Pedro Road San Rafael, CA 94903 United States of America 
 Phone: 415-479-2747   
 Fax: 415-479-9247
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