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Title: Providers

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Provider Registry
The IHSS Public Authority Registry service is composed of a staff of Registry Consumer Empowerment Coordinators whose role is to assist the IHSS consumer in finding a provider. Registry Coordinators are skilled and experienced in matching the consumer to a provider that serves their service needs. A comprehensive computerized program is used to maintain a list of available screened providers. This is
maintained by the Registry, which constantly recruits and screens providers so that a sufficient number of providers are available to work for consumers. The Registry Consumer Empowerment Coordinators also assists the consumer in understanding the role of being an employer of a provider: This involves helping the consumer understand the process of selecting, hiring, employing, supervising, and if necessary,
firing of a provider.

Once qualified for IHSS and hours are assessed and approved, it is the responsibility the consumer, to locate and hire a provider (home care worker). Yet the location and hiring of a provider can be a difficult process. This is where the IHSS Public Authority Registry can step in and help. The consumer is the employer and has the sole responsibility of an employer. But the IHSS Public Authority Registry is there to help in every phase of this process of employing and utilizing a provider.


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