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Message from the President

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Sample President's Letter

Hello Everyone, this years membership drive is shaping up nicely. If you are planning on going on participating in September, please let me know. Especially if you do NOT have a room for the event. If you have been with this all along, still let me know you are still planning on going in September. If you have a room reserved and you canít go, this would be the perfect time to let one of our members who would like to attend take over your room reservation. Remember if you get any information about the event, check with Susan to make sure the information is accurate.

We still donít have any news on renewal costs for next year. We are holding off advertising renewals until we can make sure that XYZ doesnít raise the price which in turn would put us in the red as far as member costs are concerned. As soon as we find out, we will let you know.

August 26th there will be a board meeting at 7PM. This meeting will allow us to finalize the all the issues that were brought up in Juneís board meeting. Everyone is invited, but if you want to come, let us know.

Looks like the Cruise is shaping up to be a large crowd. If you want to go , please register before August 6th. We are meeting over at E 50 and Roush Rd. Come out and have some fun with us. If there are any places you like to frequent, please let me know. We have lots of weekends in the fall to fill up with fun!
One event I would like to fit into our schedule is St. Augustine and then head up to the Fish Camp so we are there when they open (4-4:30PM). We donít want that Prime rib to get away from us again !
If anyone has not gone online to check out our website, please do it!
So everyone, stay tuned, there is always something happening ! Remember this will be ĎThe Best Year Yet!Have a "Exciting" August!!

The President

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