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 The Marin County Grand Jury investigates local government agencies and recommends actions to improve their efficiency and services. This helps to solve local problems and save taxpayer dollars.

The Marin Chapter, California Grand Juror's Association was formed to increase the effectiveness of the Marin County Grand Jury. All Chapter members are past Marin County grand jurors. The Chapter joins with the California Grand Juror's Association to accomplish the following:

1. Provide the public with information about the California Grand Jury system, to help increase public awareness of the valuable role the Grand Jury plays.

2.   Promote training and orientation for new grand jurors.

3.   Promote adequate support for Grand Juries, including funding, office services and meeting facilities.

4.   Preserve Grand Jury reports, both in counties of origin and in a centralized state archive accessible to the public.

5.   Advocate publication of all Grand Jury reports and responses to reports in public news media, to inform the public about Grand Jury findings and recommendations and the official reactions to them.

6.   Advocate that classes and texts in California schools contain information about the role of the Grand Jury.

7.   Preserve and enhance the Grand Jury system. Study legislation that pertains to the Grand Jury. Make recommendations to the appropriate body or legislature.

8.   Undertake any other efforts to increase public knowledge of the Grand Jury system and the contributions it makes for California citizens and good government.

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The California Grand Jurorís Association                   http://www.cgja.org

The Marin County Civil Grand Jury                             http://grandjury.marin.org

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 Sue Haas 
 12 Willow Lane  Sausalito, CA 94965 United States of America