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Using the CPS system, you can list links to your website pages in any of dozens of different ways.
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Post Important News For Your Family or Community!
When important things happen in your life, you should tell the world. That's what the homepage postings are for. And if you have a lot to say, you can use an expanding posting, then let the reader click on Continue to read the rest...

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You know which pictures go best. Use our custom layout tool to create a presentation of your images like this one--text staggered with pictures.

Every picture tells a story
CPS makes you master of the personal publishing pages. There are several useful layouts provided for you, but there's no reason to use them. Why not create something of your own design--like this.

It couldn't be simpler
And when you're finished and people ask who designed your beautiful website, you can smile and say you did it.
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This is a minicalendar. It's a way to place useful information from the calendar in a convenient location. When you create a minicalendar, you can specify that it show items that are happening today, this week, this month, or this year. It will list all of the events on the calendar for the timeframe you specify. There are a number of different minicalendar layouts as well.
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