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Dignified Living Choices, Inc.
Welcome! You may browse public areas of our site.
Welcome to the new web site for your apartment complex or residential community! This is a great new way for you to distribute information to your community and allow your residents to interact with each other and the management. You can edit or delete this message, replace the images or text that appear throughout this site, remove any of the features that came with your site or add new features by clicking the "edit page" button or choosing an option from the shortcut toolbar at the top of the page.
Sections of Our Web Site
 Our Community's Homepage
Bookmark this page! This is the starting point of our community's web site.
 Rules and Policies
Our community's rules and policies.
 About Our Community
Information and links related to the local area.
 Photo Album
Browse our photo album and submit your own pictures.
 Information for New Residents
Useful information and links for our new neighbors.
 Just For Kids
Fun for kids, information for parents.
 Information for Prospective Residents
Considering moving to our community? Here's the information you'll want to know
 Web sites for families in our community.
Browse families' web sites or build one for free. It's easy - anyone can do it!
 Community Newsletter
Catch up on our latest news and activities.
 General Feedback
Suggestions or comments about the community. Or let us know what you think of our web site!
 Community Center
Interact in discussions, read or post messages on the lost and found, crime watch or swap shop.
 Address Book
Become a participant of our site to be listed in our address book.
 Master Calendar
Search for upcoming social events and important dates.

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Go to, search for your city, copy the address (URL) of the page that shows your city's weather, come back to this page, edit the page, edit this posting, and paste the new URL into the "Web Link" box where it currently says You may also change the link to say your city's name in it.

To customize the map link below:
Edit this page, then edit this posting. Replace the White House's address with your street address. Please provide as complete an address as possible. A dynamic map will be automatically created for you!

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Map to our CommunityGet the Local Weather
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