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Dignified Living Choices, Inc.
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Free (and Easy) Web Sites for Families in our Community
You can get a free web site for your family and friends. Post your birthdays, anniversarys and weekly scedules on your own calendar. Post photos of the newborn so your sister on the other coast can see the latest picture. Schedule a time when the whole clan can get together in your own chat room, no matter how spread out your family is.

And don't worry, these web sites are incredibly easy to build, maintain and participate in. You don't need to know any programming languages. If you can surf the web, you can maintain one of these interactive web sites! In addition, every family web site in our residential community will be tied together, bringing us closer together.

To get started, just drop a note to this web site's administrator, or send a note through the feedback page saying you'd like your own family web site.

Families Web Sites in our Community

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