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Caregiver Links
YMCA Kinship Program - For Providers

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YMCA Kinship Program Flyer - For Caregivers

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YMCA Kinship Flyer - Spanish

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Family Caregiver Alliance
On-line support groups, fact sheets, searchable databases. It's all here.

Southern Caregiver Resource Center
Local support groups and events.

Alzheimer's Association
San Diego area support groups and events.
Men's Caregiver Support Blog
San Diego's long-running men's caregiver support group.

RX Help for Californians
Free service for uninsured, underinsured, or have limited income. Call 877-777-7815 for more info. Multi-agency partnership.

PAWS (Pets are Wonderful Support)
Recognizing the proven health benefits of companion animals, PAWS provides essential services to the low income elderly, chronically ill and disabled of San Diego County to keep and care for their beloved animals.

Cardiovascular Disease Foundation
Schedule of health screenings, lectures, and events.

Glenner Azheimer's Family Centers
Caregiver classes; School of Dementia; Events; Programs and Services
Alzheimer's Research ReportLatest Progress Report
Important AD research advances by scientists supported by the National Institute on Aging and other Institutes of the National Institutes of Health are presented in the new 2003 Progress Report on Alzheimer's Disease. Included are descriptions of the impact of AD, current understanding of the possible causes of AD, research into new techniques for diagnosis, and studies of AD treatment.

Homeowners and Renters Assistance Package

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For persons 62 years and older or those blind/disabled that meet specific criteria.
Those who previously filed will be receiving their applications through the mail. Otherwise, please contact the Franchise Tax Board number at for more information.
Men's Caregiver Support Group

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A long-time successful group...
Conversations with Caregivers - Aug/Sept Schedule

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Free Classes in North County
Support Group List - Summer 05

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Educational Opportunies

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Dementia Calendar

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Dementia Training Institute - Spring 05

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NC Adult Day Care Agencies

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Listing of Adult Day Health Care & Social Day Care facilities in the North County
Senior Peer Mentoring - Escondido

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End of Life Issues - Consumer's Supplement

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Thanks to Edward De La Loza, LCSW for this compilation. A wealth of on-line resources for legal, medical, and custodial planning.
Safe Return Application

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