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RB Health Directory
The RB Health Resource Directory, a PPH Tri-Regional HCAC project, led by Jane Radatz, lists services in the greater RB area.
Aging & Independence Services
A comprehensive, detailed list of services provided by AIS.

Angel's Depot
New non-profit, based in Carlsbad, dedicated to nutrition for seniors. Other agencies can pick up week's supplies for seniors.

Palomar Pomerado Health HCAC 2006

size:92.50 K
Health Care Advisory Committee Schedule 2006: San Marcos, Escondido, Pala Pauma, Ramona Julian, Tri-Regional
Low Income Subsidy Alert

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Medicare Rx Drug Benefits - HICAP Recommendations

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Posted 1.6.06
Medicare/HICAP Action plan Info

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HICAP Locations (Health Insurance Counseling)

size:30.00 K
Health Insurance Counseling Advocacy Program
NoCo Schedule of Community Meetings

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Seniors Networking Meetings Countywide

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Books by Mail - Sides 1 & 2

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This is side 1 of the pamphlet...

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...this is side 2
Core Public Health Indicators - SD County
The latest data and data links are available on the County HHSA website...

County Statistics Department

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Department of Health Statistics for SD County
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