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Encinitas Project Care
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To provide a safety net for seniors with the following programs: RUOK, Vial of Life, Gatekeeper, Info & Referral, Home Safety Check, YANA, Postal Alert.

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We are located in the Encinitas Senior Center on 1140 Oakcrest Park Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024. (760) 943-2250 or (760) 943-2255 for the Project Care office. Our fax number is (760) 943-2252.

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Are You Okay? - You will receive a daily computerized telephone call to see if you are OK. If the call goes unanswered, volunteers will check to see if you are OK.

Vial of Life - A clear plastic holder containing your medical information has magnets to place on your refrigerator door. This information will provide assistance to fire, sheriff, or emergency personnel who may answer a call to your home.

Postal Alert - Your letter carrier will watch your mailbox fore signs of trouble. The carrier will code your letter box. If your mail is not picked up for two days, the letter carrier will check to see if you are OK.

You Are Not Alone - You will receive a personalized phone call or home visit by the Senior Volunteer Patrol associated with the Encinitas Sheriff's Station.

Home Safety Check - A Crime Prevention Specialist from the Aheriff's Station will check your home for security, provide 911 phone stickers and engrave your valuables.

Gatekeeper - Your meter readers and trash collectors watch for signs of distress such as newspapers piling up. If there is any sign that things might not be right, you will be contacted.

Senior Information And Referral - Project CARE has information for Alzheimer Safe Return program, transportation, home delived meals and social services. A FREE Directory of Senior Services is also available.

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