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Food Stamps

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Food Stamps

Notary Public Classes

NASW Code of Ethics
Online version of the Code of Ethics per the National Association of Social Workers

Kaiser Health Tutorials
Tutorials from Kaiser Health Foundation. Audio and Powerpoint.

Domestic Violence/Elder Abuse Tutorials
University of Florida multi media tutorials

Poverty Article
Growing Gulf Between Rich and Rest of US

Family Budget Calculator
How much do you need in San Diego?

Medicare Prescription Drug KaiserCast

Confidential Depression Screening

Family Caregiver Alliance (Online Groups)

Online Social Worker Resources

Memory Exposition - Tests, Games, Research

Personality Disorders

Millon - Personality Theories

National Association of Social Workers


Social Work Job Search

CA Accredited SW Schools - Board of Behavioral Sciences

Families and Young Children - SW Resources

Council on SW Education

Social Work Supersite
Run by the textbook publisher, this site allows you to ask questions, via email, of a SW 'mentor.'

Fun Links:

Doonesbury On-Line
The daily strip and other fun stuff...

Panda Cam
All the cute little bears at the SD Zoo...

What Kind of Dog Are You?
A link from a current movie. The site has a fun "test" that determines what kind of dog you would be. Click on "Game."

Ellis Island
Searchable Immigrant records from Ellis Island

SD Area Traffic Report
Map of current freeway conditions. Updated every minute.

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