Helping Seniors with:
*Information and Referrals
*Health Care Centers
*Volunteer Opportunities
*Crisis Intervention
*Mental Health Problems
*Family Stress Problems
*Medical Billing Assistance
Adult Protective Services, Inc opperates four non-profit Adult Day Health Care Centers throughout San Diego County.

Adult Day Health Care's objectives:
*To rehabilitate the participant to the maximum extent possible
*To maintain the participant in the community for as long as it is medically, socially and economically feasible
*To prevent inappropriate or premature institutionalization
*To assist family caretakers by sharing the care of a diabled person

Services including nursing, social services, restorative therapies, meals and transportation are provided in a warm, caring envirnmetn. Independence, self-expression and being part of a group help seniors, isolated by illness and loss, maintain a positive orientation to life.

For more information call a center in your community.

Heartland ADHC at 10025 Los Ranchitos Rd, Lakeside, CA 92040. (619) 448-9300

North County ADHC at 1221 W Vista Way, Vista, CA 92084. (760) 758-2210

South Bay ADHC at 301 East "J" Street, Chula Vista, CA 91910. (619) 426-0982

Older people in crisis respond rapidly to even short-term help. Their own coping skills ride to the occasion. Even gravely disabled can usually be reestablished in a stable way when multi-level help is given.

Services include:
*Develop a trustworthy relationship through personal contact in the home. Skilled mental health workers who like and respect the elderly can open communication and begin a reality based program of restoration
*Gather relevant information and complete a bio-psycho-social evaluation
*Develop a service plan based on all needs including mental health
*Encourage return to family physician, support medical advice and arrange psychiatric assistance
*Link senior to survival resources, food, housing, funding, utilities, homemakers
*Involve family, friends, neighbors and church in an informal support network
*Advocate with landlords, collection agencies, social agencies and legal requirements
*Improvise a supportive network using the person's own unrealized resources as well as entitlements.

For referral or more information call (619) 283-5731

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