Welcome to the Oregon Network of Care for Seniors/People With Disabilities For Providers Section.

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1/1  2:00p   Alzheimer's Information: Getting Started

1/2 10:30a   EnhanceFitness

1/4 10:30a   EnhanceFitness

1/7 10:30a   EnhanceFitness

  2:00p   Caregiver Training

1/8  2:00p   Alzheimer's Information: Getting Started

  6:00p   Grandparent Support Group

1/9 10:30a   EnhanceFitness

1/11 10:30a   EnhanceFitness

1/14 10:30a   EnhanceFitness

1/15 10:30a   Blood Pressure Clinic

 12:30p   Low Vision Support Group

  2:00p   Alzheimer's Information: Getting Started

  6:00p   Courtyard Memory Care Support Group

1/16 10:30a   EnhanceFitness

1/17 10:00a   Alzheimer's/Dementia Support Group

1/18 10:30a   EnhanceFitness

1/21 10:30a   EnhanceFitness

1/22  2:00p   Alzheimer's Information: Getting Started

1/23 10:30a   EnhanceFitness

1/25 10:30a   EnhanceFitness

1/28 10:30a   EnhanceFitness

1/29  2:00p   Alzheimer's Information: Getting Started

1/30 10:30a   EnhanceFitness