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San Diego Network of CareAging & Independence Services
Aug 25 2005 4:24PM
Fall Prevention
The Fall Prevention Task Force, a sub-committee of Health Promotions, began formal monthly meetings in June 2005 with Joanne Price, representative of ResponseLink, as chairwoman. Working with Aging & Independence Services of the County of San Diego, the committee comprises of active community members, organization directors, and community relations representatives. Such members include: Emergency Medical Services, Public Health, Homecare agencies, training institutes, universities and the Long-Term Care Integration Project.
Current Accomplishments
Community Presentations
In October 2004 to December, Joanne Price, with guidance from Katie Judd of Aging & Independence Services, created a curriculum for two presentations.

The first public outreach program for fall prevention was geared towards support groups, senior groups, living facilities, and senior neighborhoods. It has been to 26 groups throughout San Diego County over the past eight months. Groups range from 5 to 100, with all participants receiving a copy of the fall injury prevention information packet, Project CARE information, and a resource guide. The 60 minute presentation is specially designed to encourage participation through interactive demonstrations and group exercise.

The second program targets senior health care providers, specifically caregivers, both professional and lay. Currently in the process of CEU approval, this program will enable the Task Force to provide continuing education units for professionals and encourage residential facility management to promote fall prevention among its residents, their family members, and staff.

San Diego Elderly Fall Report 2005
A 113-page report of comprehensive information, data and factors of falls in San Diego County. This large resource describes in detail the main causes for falls and the effects falling has on the senior citizens of San Diego County. It includes resources, statistics, and other important information relating to falls. The report was developed by Emergency Medical Services with supporting information from Aging & Independence Services.

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To download the San Diego Elderly Fall Report, click the above link.
Fall Injury Prevention Speaker's Handout
Developed by Joanne Price, the Fall Injury Prevention Speaker's Handout act as a guide to the fall prevention presentation. Listeners can follow along with Joanne as she discusses exercising, medication management, nutrition, and home safety. It is a twelve page booklet that allows listeners to write down notes, questions, or concerns that they have on fall prevention.
Fall Prevention Guide
Titled "The Ups and Downs of Falling," this 35-page guide was developed by Tien Dong, an Aging & Independence Services Intern from Stanford University. It is a comprehensive guide of the DOs and DON'Ts relating to Fall Prevention. The guide contains resources and information dealing with behavioral changes, medication management, nutritional habits, and home safety.

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To view the Fall Prevention Resource Guide, click the above link.
Home Repair/ Modification/ Maintenance Resource List
Contains contact information for senior citizens who are in need of home repair or modification in the County of San Diego. Services are sectioned into free services, paid services, and county.

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To view the Home Repair Resource Link, click above link.
Feeling Fit Clubs
A program developed and maintained through Aging & Independence Services. The Feeling Fit Clubs are located in 22 sites across the County of San Diego. They promote group exercising and strength training. With more exercise and a healthy life style, seniors are less likely to fall.

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To view the summer schedule for the Feeling Fit Clubs and their locations, click the above link. (Format: pdf)