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Country Inn of Salem Alzheimer's and Dementia adult day care
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When should I consider using adult day care services?

It's usually challenging to admit you need help, especially if you've been a highly independent person used to caring for others all your life! And if you're the caregiver, it may be equally difficult to consider allowing "strangers" to care for your beloved family member.

As with any service, the best time to start exploring what's available is before you actually need it. According to ElderCare Online, you should seriously consider using adult day care when a senior:

can no longer structure his or her own daily activities
is isolated and desires companionship
can't be safely left alone at home
lives with someone who works outside the home or who is frequently away from home for other reasons

Adult Day Care was created to provide a place where older adults who live at home can come and enjoy social and therapeutic activities and receive the assistance they require with their Activities of Daily Living. There is an acute need for adults to have a caring, stimulating, and enjoyable environment which supports the capacity for self care and encourages positive feelings of dignity and self worth.

Caregivers also benefit. With our assistance, they can continue working and running their family household and even enjoy some well deserved time off. If your peace of mind is tied to the well being and happiness of a loved one you are caring for, then Country Inn Of Salem Adult Day Care. is the answer

Respite care is the chance for caregivers to recharge their batteries by taking a break from all the responsibility. It also gives the person with Alzheimer's disease a chance to experience a different environment, meet new people and join in different activities.