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Senior Equity Solutions
A Growing Problem

People are living longer than ever. That’s a good thing, right? Unfortunately, the cost of maintaining a healthy, quality lifestyle is also on the rise. This mixed blessing is especially hard on seniors whose pensions (if any) and Social Security simply can’t keep pace. With limited options, seniors increasingly need to access the equity in their real estate to supplement their retirement. However, the most popular method for turning this asset into dollars–the reverse mortgage–results in significant fees and new debt, forcing seniors to lose the equity they have in their homes. EquityKey offers an alternative: a no-fee solution that provides debt-free cash without accessing any of the homeowner’s existing equity

The EquityKey solution was conceived in 2004 by a team of creative and committed Senior Care advisors in Southern California. Most of their senior clients had significant assets tied up in rapidly appreciating California real estate and wanted a way to access those assets for one of two reasons. These seniors were either faced with the challenge of trying to maintain a comfortable retirement with limited or insufficient income or they needed an estate planning solution to protect some of these growing real estate assets from estate taxes.

With these goals in mind, the advisors set about creating a solution that could provide for the needs of both of these types of clients and address the drawbacks associated with reverse mortgages.

After 2 years of extensive consumer testing, legal opinions, real estate research, and insurance education, EquityKey was finally ready to take to the marketplace. The response was so positive that real estate brokers across CA and NY are now certified to sell EquityKey. These brokers share in the founders’ vision: to revolutionize the way millions of Americans will plan for retirement.

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